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Sea Water
416,00 €


Art. 810_460_13

This pretty set with a carafe and two tumblers from the "Ocean" collection is a reminder of the fact that water is the source of all life. The décor on all three objects is dedicated to particularly graceful sea creatures: the jellyfish, which seem to float weightlessly through the oceans with their umbrellas and tentacles. Even on their own, the selection of these three objects is an eye-catcher. However, the "Sea Water" set can also be combined individually with other sets from the "Ocean" trunk show as well as with other elements from Stefanie Hering's Sea Collection or other white and blue décors from Hering Berlin. During the trunk show, there will also be a very special gift for the "Sea Water" set: a small gyro plate for chocolates in the "Ocean" décor, which will only be available as a special edition in the period from 15 to 29 June 2021 as an addition to the smaller sets.